Prıncıples & Polıcıes


Our Story and stance in life (both individually and collectively) reveal Our Principles & Policies. On one hand, the wish to officially gather and work under the umbrella of a cooperative can be seen as the reflection of our long-term praxis of sharing our lives, collective thinking and production. On the other hand, it is also the result of our strong belief in the value and fertility of collective labour and horizontal organisational structure. 

We have a non-hierarchical organisational structure: All members of BILARK have an equal say in all the processes of an official activity. For BILARK to act, a clear consensus between the members that come out as the result of a debating session is a must. Likewise, in sharing tasks for a planned activity,  BILARK follows a similar way, and considering the abilities and backgrounds of its members, it goes through a collective decision-making process. 

We are open to collaboration and we support transparency: BILARK operates according to the principles of horizontal organisation and transparency in itself and values the same principles in its relationships with other individuals and institutions. BILARK is open to any kind of collaboration and cooperation with individuals and institutions that (i) are sensitive to social needs, (ii) raise a demand for a fair world, (iii) respect universal rights and freedoms, (iv) do not make any kind of discrimination due to race, religion, language, gender or species in activities for the sake of individuals, society and life.