Fields of Activities


As a research institution, BILARK aims at furthering scientific knowledge in its areas of expertise and at promoting the application of existing scientific knowledge and methodology in those areas. To this end, BILARK also offers custom-made research. We hold the expertise to design and develop projects which will lead to appropriate solutions for our commissioners’ respective needs. The right of use for this kind of research will (in conformation with copyright laws) belong to the commissioner who funds the research. BILARK aims at making use of international and national funding opportunities. The outcome of BILARK’s projects, which are financed by international or national funding opportunities, will be publicly accessible (with reservations made for concessions to the applicable copyright law). 

The expertise of BİLARK (in its existing state) comprises of the following fields: translation studies, applied linguistics, literary science, foreign language teaching and cultural studies. 

Apart from the aforementioned primary research fields, research involving other disciplines (depending on the specific research object) can also be conducted. Nevertheless, in this case, relation to the primary research fields will be secured. This kind of interdisciplinary or multi-discipline research will require the involvement of experts from the respective fields.

The services provided by BILARK are research, counselling, training and organization of scientific conferences.


As a research institute we offer to design and develop custom-made research projects for institutions or enterprises which are willing to base their work on sound data and scientific knowledge. The research projects are then designed and developed according to the needs of the respective commissioners, conducted and concluded.

E. g. an educational institution plans to offer a programme for translation education. In order to be able to determine the qualifications of the graduates, it first requires a need analysis of the translation market. Within this context, BILARK may conduct empirical research about the needs of the translation market which will reveal the qualifications of translators needed, as well as the specific fields of translation with demand for translators.


We offer counselling service to organizations (working in our primary research fields) which require scientific knowledge concerning their work.

E. g. knowledge of applied linguistics may be offered within the context of terminology management in a translation project. Solutions can then be developed according to the needs of the respective organization based on international terminology management standards.


As we especially aim at promoting the application of scientific knowledge and methodology, we also design training courses for people or organizations working in primary research fields of our institution. In this regard, courses are designed for people who want to improve their own professional skills and for companies which aim at improving certain skills of their employees. The courses are delivered by qualified training personnel. The training process is concluded by performance evaluations of the participants which are undertaken in accordance with the assessment and evaluation requirements. Within the scope of life-long learning, the training courses can be designed in diverse levels and forms (workshops, seminars, training on the job, etc.). 

E. g. development of courses for recently graduated students, which will support them in a successful career start; development of courses for companies wanting to improve their inexperienced employees’ skills. This kind of course will include both theoretical training and supervised training at the respective company.

Organizing scientific conferences 

We also offer our expertise for organizing national and international scientific conferences. In this regard, we plan and organize scientific conferences, taking into account the scope of the planned meeting which is determined by the respective host institution. If needed, we employ third parties for technical support. 

E. g. an academic institution is planning a meeting on educational aspects of its discipline on the basis of an international comparison. BILARK can, in cooperation with the respective institution, plan the concept of the conference, specify the participants, the target group and the venue of the meeting, as well as the services to be offered during the conference. The goals pursued in the planning process are to ensure the scientific quality of the meeting, as well as organizing a productive and cost-efficient conference.